Project Management 

Lilford Smith are qualified project managers, experienced in delivering complex and sensitive exhibitions and installations. Working to the internationally recognised PMBOK project management system, our endeavour is to deliver projects of the highest standard with timing, budget and quality central  to our approach. We understand the importance of positive working relationships with clients and diverse teams, working closely and cooperatively to reach successful outcomes. 



Exhibition projects invariably involve a wide range of stakeholders bringing with them a diversity of views and opinions that need to be recognised. We understand the importance of incorporating inputs from the project's stakeholders throughout the development process to ensure client satisfaction.

contract management

Our work requires us to manage a wide range of consultants and service providers always ensuring that their inputs meet the needs of the project. We work with experienced and proven contractors to ensure their performance meets your project's requirements. Our focus on quality is central to successful project delivery.

project delivery

Working from concept to completion, we use detailed planning; the close management of resources and an agile posture to ensure successful project delivery. We quantify project scope and deliverables at the outset; tracking progress against an established baseline to inform the project’s status, providing a clear picture of project delivery.