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Memorabilia displays offer a unique window into the development and achievements of an organisation. Despite the advent of the digital world, the popularity of museums worldwide attests to the power of the object. Displays of objects can bring the history of an organisation to life.

Lilford Smith can help your organisation display your memorabilia in a striking, engaging and effective manner. Rather than just displaying a collection of objects, our specialist curators tease out the themes of the memorabilia and the history it represents. We then build exhibitiondisplays around these themes, building the story of the organisation and reinforcing its branding and values.

To stay healthy and relevant, organisations need to continually evolve. Examining their past can provide context for the journey. One of our previous projects was the Hawthorn Football Club – since the installation of their museum, they’ve won two premierships, prompting one member to question when the other clubs will commission their own museums!

Our curatorial services cover everything from the development of the exhibition’s themes and central story, through the design of the appropriate media to tell this story, to the installation of the objects and related display pieces.

To discuss how best to display your memorabilia, please contact us.

Memorabilia Clients Include

  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • Commonwealth Golf Club
  • Salvation Army Heritage Centre
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